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Meet The CEO

Dr Paul Moros is a  multilingual speaking recycling expert with over 25 years’ experience in the waste/trade/projects/import &export  in diverse sectors . I have experience gained all over the world developing recycling facilities in Egypt, Germany, Peru, China, Greece and selling recycled commodities. I have commercial and operational experience of recycling facilities waste management.

The Roles that he has been taking include General Managing of collection of waste plastics and others Logistics/ Transport/ Quality/ Trade/ Projects/ Import & Export. With the responsibility to achieve the outmost quality of product with a minimum claim from our clients.

Our Operations Manager

Hajira Ahmed,
Experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the plastics industry. Skilled in negotiation, operations management and international business. Strong business development professional with masters in science focused in strategic management, international business from Tilburg university

Customer Development

We learn about our customers, their needs and the best approach to provide solutions to their needs as uniquely as possible.

Steady Innovation

It is in our culture to seek trending and up-to-date methods of navigating industry in order to ensure excellent delivery in business.

Data analytics

Relationships with customers & suppliers, implementing new ideas and product range helps grow our business operation consistently.

History Overview

WTC Recycling Int'l

WTC POLYRECYCLING INTERNATIONAL is an expert exchanging organization the field of reusing business with industry experience. We spend significant time in reusing and changing over of value post-modern and post-buyer material. We have a long history of unmatched support of different providers all through Metal, Plastics, Elastic and Material handling businesses; from little extruders, decays, and scrap gatherers to global enterprises.  Luckily, we don’t work alone. Our client’s trust in our impressive skill has been the foundation of our turn of events. We esteem our connections profoundly, and consistently endeavor to acquire and keep up with the business’ certainty and regard. We mean to be the business’ undeniable decision for worldwide exchange administrations.

Our plan of action is resolved to serious areas of strength for construct durable business connections. Our solidarity in progress is about our essential association with our providers and broad global binds with our clients. Furthermore, our unique style consolidates with ideal and effective conveyances for the client qualify us in getting the recurrent business from you. We think about this the principal justification for our prosperity and development throughout the long term.

Our Distribution Partners

With the intention of giving our customers the greatest possible supply chain service and zero importation risk and problems. We have partnered with esteemed companies in different regions to run a general review of new opportunities on distribution within regions, process improvements and most of all improve supply chain strategies.

Our Product Gallery

Get In Touch

Feel free to connect with us and ask any further questions about our organization, mode of service and how to procure our premium products and services.

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